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Introducing The Official Hawaiʻi Destination Specialist Training

There are more ways than ever to experience the timeless beauty and power of these islands, including opportunities for your clients to mālama (care for) the natural environment and cultures that make Hawai‘i unique. 

To learn more about ways to enrich your client’s Hawai‘i experience, we invite you to become a certified Hawai‘i Destination Specialist.

Our engaging, multi-tiered program gives you the knowledge savvy travelers demand, along with valuable customer referrals and exclusive educational opportunities.

The improved curriculum provides a richer and more extensive understanding of the destination as a whole and across each of these unique islands. You’ll find countless opportunities to mālama Hawai‘i by helping to regenerate its natural beauty and protect the culture and traditions of this extraordinary place. You’ll also learn how to promote Hawaiian Islands vacations to different traveler profiles to ensure your success.

The program content is delivered in a user-friendly, mobile-optimized platform and, most importantly, has been segmented into easily manageable modules to save you valuable time.

Getting Started

You'll begin with your Hawaiʻi Specialist Training. You’ll start with An Introduction to Hawaiʻi and then move on to Selling the Hawaiian Islands. Once you've successfully completed those certifications you'll become a Hawaiʻi Destination Specialist which unlocks some great benefits and will allow you to move on to the In-Depth Island Training.

After completing Certifications One and Two, you'll be able to navigate through the Island-Specific Certifications in any order you choose. Just remember, once you are successfully certified in all of the courses you will become a Hawaiʻi Destination Expert.

You can view the courses at your convenience, pausing and restarting when needed. Remember you can always come back! Each presentation is followed by a chapter quiz that you must pass in order to move on to the next chapter and certification.

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Student Dashboard

To view your progress or download certificates, go to your Student Dashboard so you can complete your certification examination.

Student Dashboard

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