Maui Travel Updates
Mālama (Care for) Maui by Visiting Mindfully

In West Maui, recent wildfires have resulted in the devastating loss of loved ones, homes, cultural and historic sites and businesses in Lahaina. We are grateful for the outpouring of support for Maui from around the world, from sharing memories and offering assistance, to asking questions about travel to Maui and the other Hawaiian Islands.

Amidst the tragedy, the spirit of Maui remains strong. With the exception of Lahaina, we encourage your clients to visit the accessible areas of Maui mindfully. If your clients are considering visiting any of the Hawaiian Islands in the near future, including the accessible areas of Maui, please know that respectful travel is welcomed and encouraged, now more than ever. Their visit will support Hawaiʻi’s economy and make a positive impact on Maui’s road to recovery.


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